Fall Is Just Something Grown Ups Invented

This is my first movie, so expect jerky camera movements and black spots. It wasn’t supposed to have a point. I just knew I was obsessed with this song (I’m an avid cartoon network watcher), and made it in about two weeks, then uploaded it to youtube. Two months later, it was featured by maxis as their first featured machinima.[More mentions here]

Ever wonder why we have to go to school when the leaves drop? The worst part of the school year is the day before it actually starts, and when it starts to hit you. No more lounging at the pool working on your tan/skin cancer. No more late night concerts, staying up till you please. No more sleeping till two in the afternoon. As the sun goes down and you inevitably have to go inside to eat your final meal before waking up god knows what ungodly hour, you relish it. You take your shower, and with each pounding of the gallons of water on your head you start to feel different. Changed. As you finally step out, you realize. You just weren’t washing away the day’s dirt. You were washing away the fun.
high res version/youtube version


~ by deloverly on August 13, 2008.

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