Storyline Post!

Warning Contains Spoilers**

If you haven’t already noticed, this storyline is greatly tweaked, and greatly out of order, therefore STORYLINE BLOG! Storyline blog welcomes you.

The thing that’s different about this video is it’s not what it seems at all. I’ll get to that at the end.

The opening scene.  A  young boy, named Alex is being thrown out of a club, presumably for being underage. He gets in a scuffle with the two bouncers, before he realizes that he has to hang his head in shame and walk towards to end of the line. He has no power in this situation, and people in line are giggling at his predicament. He spots a clothing shop, and wonders if he should stop in and “swap jumpers”, and change his outfit before attempting to get in again. He decides to make another move, and attempts to reenter the club again, this time however through a back entrance. He’s daydreaming and thinking about his humiliation, and doesn’t notice a bouncer, who promptly reminds Alex that he is there.

Here’s where things start to get a little complicated: You see a mix of images, each flying faster than the next, one which stands out: A young girl sipping a coffee cup. We’ll get to that later.

He and the bouncer have it out with each other, with Alex trying to argue his way in through a back door and the bouncer obviously saying ‘no’, when a party friend (you know . . . those kids you wouldn’t be friends with AT ALL if you didn’t party together) of Alex’s notices the spat and offers him a ride to the party/kickback he was on his way to. Alex says alright and hops on in. Cut to the coffee cup girl. Her and Alex are having a row in a coffee shop, which ends with Alex leaving in disgust, hence the lyrics:

Well I’m so glad they turned us all away, we’ll put it down to fate.
I said a million things that I could never say this morning
Got too deep, but how deep is too deep?

Cut back to the party. They all walk into the apartment, passing a young couple whispering sweet shit into each others ear. In the meantime, Alex wanders into the party, unsure of what to do with himself. A kid on the couch asks him to grab him a drink, as he doesn’t want to pass through the dancers and he’s thirsty. Alex says alright, and gets him one. However he turns around and falls into a slow dancing couple, and accidentally spills a drink on the monkeyish girl, upsetting her boyfriend. The boyfriend pushes Alex, reminding him of the bouncer. Alex books it outside only to discover the relationship between the young girl below and her boo has gone sour. Alex can’t go back into the party, as he pretty much banned himself and he can’t walk past the couple below to freedom as that would constitute awkwardness. So he eavesdrops, until the fight turns violent. He rushes down to tell the guy off, and comfort the girl at the same time. After many tears and comforting, the girl kisses him goodbye and they make promises to see each other the next day for coffee. As she walks off, a replay of the night goes through.

The next day, the morning after, whathaveyou, the meeting at the coffeeshop with the girl turns sour, with Alex leaving in a huff.

What’s different about this is that it’s not really a story line video, it’s more of a theme. It’s like that feeling after a night of having a bit too much and trying to piece back together what the hell you did and what went down. We’ve all had moments like those, where after a night of dancing with the green lady or whatever, you can remember what happened, but not necessarily in the right order. You can remember the events, jokes told, drinks drank, but god forbid if someone asks you what you did the night before. Alex goes through this and it turns out-

This town’s a different town today
This town’s a different town to what it was last night
You couldn’t have done that on a Sunday

That girl’s a different girl today
Said that girls’ a different girl to her you kissed last night
You couldn’t have done that on a Sunday
(of course not!)


~ by deloverly on August 13, 2008.

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