Geez, I was originally going to write what’s been going on and how I seem to never use this site, but it’s just so gd DIFFICULT. It’s a painful process that explains why I haven’t been using this thing . . . ever.

But recently, I’ve been thinking about the future . . . like projects and stuff now like ‘AH CRAP, GET MA GRADES UP SO I CAN GO TO COLLEGE.’

Right now, I’m working on something called ‘The Night Things’ based on a continuous nightmare I used to have. It’s gonna have voiceovers, and so far I’m pleased with my cast, and the sets I’ve pulled together. It’s my first go at voiceovers, scriptwriting (other than in drama), and audio ripping (I went in woods today to try and record some wind, but unfortunatnly there was none. Should’ve done it on Friday but I went to a movie instead). I’m going to try and have that one up by the end of the next month. I’m gonna have an inspiration page (if I can ever figure out this damn site), with photos of the woods around my house, the original story I wrote based on it, and a fliming blog I’m keeping on my computer.

And now to talk about Campus . . . Campus campus campus. I personally consider Campus a failure. NOTHING went right, and I sort of just slapped it together. I’m really disappointed in myself. Graphics card exploded, I got suspended from school during filming, computer broke after uploading. It was just cursed from the start. Time to move on.

I’d really like to either try another music video after the Night Things, except I’m not sure what. I live in the boonies, and I often feel trapped as I see life go by me in the bigger cities I live nowhere near. I’d like to do one based on that . . . though I’m not sure which one I want to do, song-wise. I caved recently and bought We’ll Live and Die In These Towns by The Enemy, and I really like the title track. It just has an intro, and no build or anything. Another choice is ‘Oh My God’ by Kaiser Chiefs, or ‘Modern Way’, or ‘Moving to New York’ by the Wombats. It’s all out there.

I’ve been also thinking about doing a ‘creature’ video. The maxis creatures have always intrigued me. Like the aliens, servos, werewolves, ect. I’d kind of like to do a video based on that, cause I love it and all.

And I am a total Lily Allen addict, in case you can’t tell by my last.fm. I heard Alfie and that was it. BAM. Insta love. I listen to Alright Still when I need a pick-me up. I have no relationship problems, but the whole album is just one big pile of love. It’s the top played album in both my libraries. Her new stuff is grand too, though it seems she’s moved onto more of social commentary type of lyrics. Anyways, I think it’d be cool to make a half hour machinima based on the album . . . like have a massive music video, decepting Lily’s relationship woes. It’d take loads of time, but I don’t mind. The prep will take forever, but it’ll be WORTH it. I tried to make one to ‘Littlest Things’ after ‘Ritz’, but the computer fell apart . . . I guess I never got over it, ahaha. Tonight I’m still thinking of what could have been . . .

So that’s just some stuff that’s been on my mind lately, machinima wise.


I’m going to upload the high res versions of stuff on my site tomorrow morning as I get ready for school. I’ve gotten quite a few messages from people asking where Vegas has gone too. Ahahaha.


~ by deloverly on November 17, 2008.

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