Some quick productions notes


Well, needless to say, The Night Things is taking longer than I hoped. BUT! There’s no need to fret! I’ve got all my lines! I’ve lined up my music! Ect ect ect. I spent all day working today (and still am), and I’ve come to these conclusions:

A) The I Am Legend soundtrack is immensley beautiful. I’ve been trying to pick apart the tracks for what I want, and I’ve decided that it’s a bit too epic for me. It’s just a machinima movie. I’m not trying to remake The Untouchables. Well that movie’s track wasn’t really that epic. Just dated and cheesy. But still a very good movie. Yeah.

B) Speaking of I Am Legend Soundtrack, I’ve been opening and playing it in Windows Media Player. With the little moving screen thing. I’m terrified that a zombie face is going to come screaming out of the screen at me. Shut up, it’s a legit fear.

C) Noise removal is a total bitch. There I said it. With some of the lines, only a minimum is needed, but it kind of sounds like the voice is underwater after I use noise removal. Or a computer. I got people to say lines. Not an underwater seal. Audicity is driving me nuts needless to say. Also, having to split up lines for adding echo effects is another bitch I wish I didn’t have to deal with. I keep renaming them based on the line, and getting comfused. Or it won’t let me overwrite. My desktop is a mess. All my folders are disorderly. Bleh.

D) God, I know how many people say this and I never believe it when I see it, but I could not do this without my voice actors. Like honestly. You guys are amazing, and I’m glad I picked people I knew would be suited. E)I just reviewed the third scene, and good god I should be shot. It’s a flippin’ mess. I kind of just want to edit, but I have to do reshoots. Bleh.

F) I really wanna go to this party on Friday, and I have all my BS classes this semester, so no homework. Look for it on Thursday.

Yeah, that’s about it



~ by deloverly on January 26, 2009.

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