MORE production notes

A) I’m kind of scared about the reception this thing is going to get. I mean I tried to upload it to youtube last night, and I checked this afternoon (snowday!) and still nothing, so I canceled it. I hope my high res host takes it. Anyways, it’s totally different from what I orginally imagined . . . like I don’t think it’s scary. I stopped going for scary about four months ago. I guess I’m going for creepy/visually nice now. Plus I’m kind of scared that when I put it on sims99, I’m going to get some ‘this sucks, go back to music videos!’

B) Trees are EXPENSIVE! I never thought I’d have to familyFunds anyone just buy a lot full of friggin’ trees.

C) I’ve been working on this thing for five months or so. Man I AM lazy. I wanted this thing out like a month ago . . .

E) There is no sequel. Sorry.

F) I am never working with this many trees again. Ever. I keep getting lost in them when I’m looking for an angle. I feel like a litte kid at Chuckie Cheese’s trapped in the ballpit. I don’t know which way is up or down. Meh.

G) I need a new graphics card.

H) Gemma’s name is based on an inside joke from French I. OMELEDUFROMMAGE! Radda radda! Needless to say, I did not learn much in French last semester.


~ by deloverly on February 4, 2009.

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