Voice Talent

This movie would be NOTHING without it’s talent :3

First off, I’d like to thank my proof readers, ariez3003 and LolaKitty04


Sarah, the main lady.

She was played by Jenesse aka lildevil659, whom you can through:


Annelise, the best friend.

night-things-official_0001Her name was not mentioned, but Sarah’s bbfl is Annelise, played by Scarlett, or Simaranian.

You can contact her through;


Michelle, the tag-along sibling.

night-things-official_0004Michelle, the sister of Annelise, was played by Brooke, or greekgodess999, who you can contact through


For lack of a better word, Creeper, Sarah’s, uh, creeper.

night-things-official_0005Last but sure as hell not least, was the creeper played by Kendo, who you can contact through


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